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    Why Juice? The reason is simple - to be healthier and to have more energy! It is the secret to vibrant health.  

    The total amount of nutritious food consumed on a daily basis, especially the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten, has dropped to a dangerously low level. Healthy foods have been replaced by excessive amounts of processed foods, foods loaded with fat and sugar, high-caffeine power drinks, junk food, and fast foods. The sad (and frightening) fact is that the typical diet is high in calories and extremely low in nutrition. 

    There are some things that can be done to fight this trend. One in particular is the focus of this book - JUICING - a simple practice that will increase your energy, improve your overall health, and even reduce your chances of developing some common and serious health conditions. 

    The most appealing aspect of juicing is that it does not have to consume hours of time and energy. You can drink as much or as little juice as you choose. It is important to note that adding only one eight-ounce glass of fresh juice every day will make an amazing difference in how you feel. Juicing can change your life. You will look better and feel better than you have in a very long time, if you take it seriously and follow the guidelines that are outlined in the book. 

    Unlike many other juicing books, this book goes beyond the basics of how and what to juice. Those topics are covered well; but, it also clearly explains "why" everyone should juice. It includes lists of the exact fruits and vegetables that are recommended to fight diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and more; plus, how to use juicing for weight loss (and stay healthy in the process). 

    Finally, it is filled with a nice collection of juice recipes get you started, and some important information and recommendations on juicers.

    Why Juice? The Secret to Vibrant Health covers everything you need to know about the subject and will get you started down the right path very quickly. It will provide the answers you are seeking. Pick up your copy NOW!.

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